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Australia’s most Reliable, Ethical & Honest PI recently relocated to Sydney, NSW.

Specialising in Surveillance and Bug (TSCM) Sweeps across Sydney & New South Wales.

Trust. Respect. Honesty.

we offer a wide range of Private Investigation Services in Sydney & NSW

Do you require Information on someones Activities and Interactions? Is the safety of your Loved Ones, Business Activities or Personal Assets in jeopardy? 

Unregulated, unlicensed and inexperienced Private Investigators do operate in Sydney and they usually require hefty upfront fees and charges that are unreasonable and extremely unethical.

You can trust Jesse Seven, the Owner/Operator of NSW Covert Investigations to offer Empathy to your personal situation and to work diligently to receive the Information you require, allowing you to make informed decisions moving forward.

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NSW Covert PI

Who We Are

NSW Covert Investigations was created after over 15 years continual service within the Investigations sector of various Government Departments, Insurers, Law Firms, Multi-National organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Jesse Seven has lead and assisted with some of Australia’s largest internal and external Investigations both with his previous role as Owner/Operator of Vic Covert Investigations and his current role as Founder and Director of Claimstar Fraud Investigators.

During this 15+ year career, Jesse Seven has formed several strong relationships with high profile members of the public including but not limited to high ranking Directors, CEO’s, Lawyers, Celebrities, Judges and sportsmen at the height of their profession. This network allows his firm to fall back on these contacts and, coupled with his vast knowledge of the Investigations industry our aim is to go the extra mile to get the desired result for you, the most important part of our business – Our Client.

What are our fees?

What is the Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator?

If you are thinking of hiring an Investigator (Private Detective) and you want to know how much it will cost please call or email us ASAP.

Like most things in life you generally get what you pay for. However, we take pride in working with you to offer an extremely high level of service at an affordable price. Rates vary depending on the specific job details, travel time and many other factors.

To enquire about our rates and costs for your specific job please call or email today. We will work with you to define the cost of your project, never straying outside your budget.


Expose The Unknown

NSW Covert Investigations is a specialist Private Detective firm operating out of our central offices in Bondi and Gordon in Sydney. We also cover the whole state of NSW. NSW Covert has performed as a private investigator on behalf of Government Departments, Insurers, Law Firms, Multi-National organisations and ASX listed entities. If you require a private investigator or have need for any of the services listed contact us through this website or our Sydney office today.

Private Investigations Surveillance

The job of a Private Investigator specialising in Surveillance is to gather information about the subject’s activities and interactions.

Commercial Corporate Investigations

We are experts in Corporate Fraud and pride ourselves on our ability to provide direction for the Investigation and can assist in the prosecution.

Missing Persons Skip Tracing

NSW Covert Investigations specialise in finding, locating, and confirming various details of the general public Australia Wide.

Infidelity Cheating Spouse

Whatever the reason you require a Infidelity Investigation we will work with you to achieve the outcomes that are best for you.

Online Investigations

This includes computers, mobile phone and servers. We conduct examinations in a forensics manner, presenting reports that are clear and concise.

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Our vast knowledge of the Investigations industry is second to none, so contact our Melbourne team today. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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When you need a matter attentended to promptly, discreetly and with professionalism, NSW Covert Private Investigations is your go-to but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s just 5% of our clients experiences with us.

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NSW Covert Investigations was created after 14+ years of service within the Investigations sector of various Government Departments, Insurers, Law Firms, Multi-National organisations and ASX listed entities.