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About Us

NSW Covert Investigations was created after over 15 years continual service within the Investigations sector of various Government Departments, Insurers, Law Firms, Multi-National organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Jesse Seven has lead and assisted with some of Australia’s largest internal and external Investigations both with his previous role as Owner/Operator of Vic Covert Investigations and his current role as Founder and Director of Claimstar Fraud Investigators.

During this 15+ year career, Jesse  has formed several strong relationships with high profile members of the public including but not limited CEO’s, Directors, Lawyers, Celebrities, Judges and respected Sportsmen at the height of their profession. This network allows his firm to fall back on these contacts and coupled with his vast knowledge of the Investigations industry, our aim is to go the extra mile to get the desired result for you, the most important part of our business – Our Client.

Our Approach

Mission Statement

NSW Covert Investigations is driven by a number of key philosophies:

  • A commitment to provide an Efficient and Ethically managed Investigative Service to our clients
  • Client Privacy and Discretion
  • Specialisation in the conduct of Surveillance Services
  • A “Responsive Customer Service” approach
  • A commitment to on-going training and personal development of everyone within the organization

“We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering quality Surveillance and Investigation services on time and at a competitive cost. We listen to our Clients needs and operate with the highest level of Discretion and Integrity in everything we do. Our mission is to become the highest regarded Private Investigation firm in New South Wales.

Are investigations necessary?

Reasons Why You May Choose to Launch an Investigation


You may be considering a divorce and need to obtain information before you proceed

Proof of income for child support

Covering up the exact amount of income to avoid child care is common practice

Child custody

When there are issues of custody of children it pays to have all the facts

Property settlements

Property settlement in partnership breakups may take many issues into consideration

Hidden assets

It is not uncommon for partners in a breakup to hide assets away from the settlement

Location of stolen children

Children are often removed or abducted by partners, parents and others

Detection of stalking

Are you being stalked? This is called counter surveillance


What Our Clients Say About Us

When you need a matter attentended to promptly, discreetly and with professionalism, NSW Covert Private Investigations is your go-to but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s just 5% of our clients experiences with us.

NSW Covert PI

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