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If your Spouse is going outside of the rules of your relationship we can get the evidence you require to make informed decisions moving forward. We have extensive experience in Infidelity Investigations across Sydney and NSW enabling us to get the information you require and results you deserve.

We don’t use any type of software or digital forensics! If your Spouse is seeing other people outside of your relationship we use our tried and tested physical Surveillance methods to observe and film the subjects interaction with a 3rd party.

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Have You Noticed Any Warning Signs?

It’s common for males and female who are not faithful to their partners to exhibit unusual behaviour when they’re trying to hide their infidelity. They might be spending an increasing amount of time away from home, or they might be acting secretively about their phone or email conversations. If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, our experience shows that it pays to listen to your intuition.

We pride ourselves on our discretion and we bring many years of experience to your Private Investigation. Initially we lay the right strategy for your specific job, and combine this direction with our vast experience to provide you with answers to your questions.

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Reasons Why You May Choose to Launch an Investigation

  • Divorce – you may be considering a divorce and need to obtain information before you proceed
  • Proof of income for child support – covering up the exact amount of income to avoid child care is common practice
  • Child custody – when there are issues of custody of children it pays to have all the facts
  • Property settlements – property settlement in partnership breakups may take many issues into consideration
  • Hidden assets – it is not uncommon for partners in a breakup to hide assets away from the settlement
  • Location of stolen children – children are often removed or abducted by partners, parents and others
  • Detection of stalking – are you being stalked? This is called Counter Surveillance

How Our Investigations Work

Our job as a highly trained Private Investigator it to gather information about your partner or spouse’s activities and interactions. During these cases, we are often able to identify the “other person” for our client.

We have access to computer databases, commercial searches and classified information that the general public does not. This is often referred to as a Due Diligence or Skip Trace report, which are available to our clients.

Where appropriate, we supply our clients with photo or video evidence of each surveillance job. All our data is stored securely on our server, and is protected by a high-security intruder alarm system that is monitored 24/7 by CCTV equipment.

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Whatever the reason you require a Cheating Partner Investigation, we will work with you to achieve the best outcomes for you.


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