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Surveillance is at the core of our expertise as a Sydney private investigator. The investigator who conducts surveillance must be fully trained with many years of field experience. They must be diligent, fully aware of their surroundings at all times and possess the ability to think laterally. To follow someone over a period of time is a very specific skill set and should only ever be attempted by industry professionals.

At NSW Covert Investigations, we have access to the best investigators in Sydney and New South Wales. Our proven methodologies are continually reviewed to ensure our privacy is meeting world’s best practice.

Before we commence any private surveillance operation, we thoroughly review your investigation request and perform basic due diligence and background checks on the subject. This process enables us to provide cost effective, reliable and quality results to our clients. Our clients are supplied with a DVD and/or pictures of each surveillance job.

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Background Checks to Assist Companies and Individuals

Every Background Check we perform is conducted in a confidential, sensitive and discrete manner so that we can assist our clients in making informed decisions about individuals and/or companies moving forward.

We undertake a number of methods to provide our clients with accurate and insightful information in relation to personal and criminal history, property history, business intelligence, employment history, and much, much more.

We retain all original data on our secure server. All documents, files and exhibits are protected by an elaborate commercial-grade intruder alarm system monitored by a central security location with CCTV equipment installed.

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