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Digital Forensics
This includes computers, mobile phone and servers. Our Sydney team of private investigators conduct examinations in a forensic manner, presenting reports that are clear and concise and can be used in court. We investigate workplace misconduct, insolvencies, theft of company secrets, email fraud and numerous others, all involving digital data.

Social Media & Internet Investigations
We conduct social media investigations and have given Expert Testimony in the NSW Supreme Court. Internet Investigations and OSINT form part of a lot of investigations and we have the ability to dig deeper and to go places others don’t.

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Online Investigations Sydney & New South Wales

Video Forensics
We have the ability to enhance CCTV or other video material as well as forensically analyse and authenticate the video.

  • Enhance entire video or selected frames.
  • Deblurring, sharpening and deinterlacing.
  • Obscuring by pixelation and/or blurring of unwanted images, objects or areas e.g. faces, number plates, identifying personal features.
  • Tracking and Stabilising Images or Frames focused on desired subjects.
  • Photogrammetry, object height and position measurements.
  • Lighting, shadow, highlight adjustments.
  • Perspective and Transform adjustments to fix skew, lens distortion, obscure angle distortion.
  • Read, convert and write from and to almost any video codec and media format.
  • Photo Forensics and Authentication, including camera ballistics (confirming that a photo from taken from certain camera).

GPS Forensics
We can extract data from 2000 + different GPS devices. The data extracted includes trip logs, addresses etc and can be mapped. GPS are used in Aviation, Maritime, private vehicles, commercial trucking and personal devices .(handhelds, watches etc).

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