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Claimstar – Debt Collection and Mercantile Agents

Claimstar Collections is a licensed Debt Collection agency serving Australia since the Global Financial Crisis. We specialise in the recovery of overdue accounts for individuals, small businesses and large corporations.

At Claimstar Collections, we recognise that every dollar spent reduces the value of a recovered debt, and that non-financial considerations, such as maintaining good business relationships, also play into debt collection decisions. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to bring a pragmatic, cost-conscious approach to debt collection to ensure an optimal result.

Each year, businesses in Australia lose millions of dollars to overdue accounts. Doing nothing ensures no chance of debt recovery. Dealing with overdue accounts on your own wastes time and is not cost-effective.

If you have customers:

• Ignoring statements and phone calls
• Breaking payment agreements
• Refusing to pay
• Making endless excuses

Claimstar Collections and our sister company NSW Covert Investigations can help!


No collection, no fee – we don’t get paid unless we collect the payment. We have an in-house Skip Tracing (Missing Persons) system with one of the best track records for collections in all of Australia.

For Skip Tracing please see our sister company NSW Covert Investigations

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